Investment agent

Investment agent

  Dear business partners:
  Today, our company adheres to the business philosophy of "mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, cooperation and common prosperity", and we sincerely look forward to your visit.
  "Foshan Changtuo Packaging Technology Co., Ltd." is an enterprise specialized in packaging. We are a young and energetic group, we are full of interest in the cause we are engaged in, and full of confidence in the future of the cause. Our business goal is to plan to expand the company's social influence rapidly in the near future through the form of franchise chain-within the province. We take the integrated resources and complementary advantages as the starting point; the development direction of promoting the terminal, grasping the grassroots, and building the team to expand from the small; we do not advocate the quicksand-style development model, let alone the tall and exaggerated style, we advocate a win-win situation, namely: Company + collaborator; market + professional talents; strong company and strong partner. Our starting point is to start from the cornerstone, so that we can truly build on the ground. Our project, our partners, every employee below us is a brick, a stone, a grain of sand, a shovel of cement, and a steel bar on this tall building. What kind of methods are used to secure them? Firmly solidified together, so that there is a new building that is resistant to tension, pressure, earthquake, storm, and flood, so that it can truly withstand the ever-changing tests of the years? Only consensus, mutual encouragement, and co-creation. Win-win!
  After successful operation, our company believes in nine entrepreneurial creeds:
  1. Opportunities only favor a prepared brain!
  2. What determines our destiny is not the environment, but the determination.
  3. Success is difficult, but unsuccessful is even more difficult.
  4. Those who succeed will never give up, and those who give up will never succeed.
  5. You can't change the environment, change yourself; you can't change the facts, change your attitude; you can't change the past, change the present, people's success depends on their own changes, not the changes of others!
  7. Plan your work, work your plan; say what you will do, do what you said!
  8. Choose what you love, if you can't get what you love, then love what you choose!
  9. Efforts must have results, but not necessarily good results-choice is always greater than effort!
  Believe it! Friends, today’s choice is the new bright spot of your life! Career has become our common stage. Let us work hard to play every piece. At the same time, I also hope that we will work together for the continuous growth of the company and for the better Serve customers and work hard.
  Today, our common cause connects our future together. It is fate that makes us meet, and fate makes us work together. I believe that our team will be more glorious because of you and more brilliant because of you.
  I sincerely look forward to your achievements and also look forward to your dreams flying on the top of the mountain.

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