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What problems are prone to occur in instant foam hand sanitiser pump


2023-01-31 12:01

The most important purpose of the cosmetic bottle packaging printing process is to create a unique and memorable image for the product, because the first thing to sell a product or service is to be noticed by buyers. Their curiosity and attention stimulate their enthusiasm for buying.

instant foam hand sanitiser pump

Instant foam hand sanitiser pump has relatively high requirements for manufacturers, because spray pumps are prone to some problems.

1. The spray is not uniform, and the use is discounted, which is very inconvenient to use.

2. It is easy to damage, and it cannot be sprayed out after spraying several times, which will affect the later use.

3. The sealing of the spray bottle is not good, which will affect the quality of the packaged product. The tightness of the bottle body and the lid, and the water vapor permeability. The tightness and water vapor permeability of the instant foam hand sanitiser pump are two important technical indicators of the spray bottle.



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