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Focus on the development of external spring and non-leakage foam pump


2022-11-22 17:13

Changtuo Packaging Technology Co., LTD. (CTP) was established in 2018, specializing in the design, development and production of foam pumps, bottle caps and other plastic packaging. Our company has been focusing on the development of external spring and non-leakage foam pump. In 2019, we obtained ISO9001:2015 standard quality management system certification. The advantages of our products are environmental protection: 1. No metal contact, do not worry about spring rust, can use a variety of components of the liquid. 2. Replace the glass ball with a PE plastic valve to reduce the recycling cost.



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The most important purpose of the cosmetic bottle packaging printing process is to create a unique and memorable image for the product, because the first thing to sell a product or service is to be noticed by buyers.


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