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Emulsion pump head company introduces product performance


2023-03-16 16:54

Emulsion pump head company introduces the performance parameters of emulsion pumps for you.
01 Pump output
The pump output is the first important parameter of the lotion pump. It is related to many factors such as the sealing of the pump head and the tolerance of parts.
02 Air pressure times/first spray times
The number of air compressions/first sprays is another important consumer experience parameter and an important quality standard in the production process.

Emulsion pump head company
03 minimum downforce
Minimal downforce is a factor especially valued at the premium end of the market.
04Leak function design
Leakage function design is the most important lotion pump parameter. Sealing seems to be just a parameter requirement, but it involves all the interconnected parts in the structure of the lotion pump.
Emulsion pump head company, in addition to controlling some main functions and parameters, will also add many additional functions and some new design features according to different customer needs, so as to attract the attention of end customers and form new profit growth points . Such as: the control of the opening torque of the plunger, the control of the separation force between the plunger and the piston rod, the rebound time of the plunger, the anti-water function, the anti-counterfeiting function, the spring external structure lotion pump, etc.



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