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Foam pump head factory introduces the detection requirements of foam pump head for you


2023-03-23 14:57

Foam pump head factory tells you the difficulties of the project.
The foam pump head is assembled from various parts. If only the assembled pump head is tested, its internal defects cannot be found.
Under the illumination of the light source, the curved surface imaging is easy to reflect light, which will affect the extraction of the characteristics of the measured object.
The detection background is the same color as the black spot defect, which may cause misjudgment or missed judgment.

Foam pump head factory
It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection around the object, and there must be no blind spots in the field of vision.
After inspecting each part for dirt, damage, lack of glue, and black spots, inspect the assembled pump head.
The light source uses a ring light source to illuminate the target evenly without reflection.
Equipped with a light source controller to precisely adjust the brightness of the light source.
Perform complex background model training to accurately identify defects.
Foam pump head factory reminds you that each production line is equipped with three cameras to detect each pump head.



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