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Application of Foam Pump


2023-04-07 14:09

After the launch of the acupressure Foam Pump, it has won the favor of daily chemical brand manufacturers and achieved rapid market growth. It has been widely used in personal care, household cleaning, automotive supplies, pet supplies and other industries.
At present, the most widely used domestic finger pressure foam pump is in the hand sanitizer industry. In 2002, Walch took the lead in launching magic foam hand sanitizer in the domestic market, becoming the first domestic brand manufacturer to launch foam hand sanitizer products. After the launch of the magic foam hand sanitizer, it has been fully recognized by consumers for its practicality, convenience, simplicity, beautiful packaging and ability to effectively reduce secondary cross-infection. After seeing the huge market potential of foam hand sanitizer, other daily chemical brand manufacturers launched their own foam hand sanitizer products one after another.

Foam Pump
Compression Foam Pump is mainly divided into the following five parts from the internal structure of the product:
Actuating part: the function is to transmit the force to other parts inside the product by pressing the button, and realize the process of pressing down and rebounding the foam pump and liquid out through the spring. The shape of the press head can be designed into different shapes and colors according to the needs (as shown in the picture above).
Liquid storage chamber: the function is to squeeze out the liquid in the liquid storage chamber during the pressing down of the head, and suck the liquid in the bottle into the liquid storage chamber when the head is rebounded; in addition, the built-in spring in the liquid storage chamber plays the role of rebound.
Air storage chamber: similar to the liquid storage chamber, except that air is inhaled and extruded from the air storage chamber.
Suction tube part: the connection part between the liquid in the bottle and the whole pump, the channel through which the liquid enters the liquid storage chamber, so as to ensure that the liquid in the bottle can be ejected quickly and reduce the residual amount of liquid.
Gas-liquid mixing chamber: When the Foam Pump is pressed down, the liquid and air in the liquid storage chamber and the air storage chamber are fully mixed and pressurized in the gas-liquid mixing chamber, and fine foam is formed through the dense mesh of the airflow mixing chamber.



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