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Features and advantages of Foam Pump


2023-04-14 15:17

Foam Pump is a pump product that presses the contents together with air to form foam. It is often used in the packaging of hand sanitizers, cleaning agents and other products.
Before the invention of Foam Pump, foam was usually sprayed by aerosol products, that is, using liquefied gas to expand the spray to form foam, or using a post-foaming agent to make the sprayed colloid form foam. The first true daily foam pump was a finger-pressure foam pump launched in 1995 by the Airspray company of the Netherlands.

Foam Pump
The characteristic of this finger pressure Foam Pump is that its body is composed of an air pump and a liquid pump. The liquid is sprayed out after being fully mixed with the air in the pump body. Effect, the sprayed foam quality is good.
Compared with foam aerosol products, finger pressure Foam Pump has several obvious advantages: First, it does not need to be filled with propellants, so it will not pollute the environment, and there is no danger of inflammability and explosion, and no metal containers and Sealing air filling equipment is low in cost and can be used repeatedly; secondly, most of the liquid formulas of the acupressure Foam Pump are water-based, which are non-volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in nature, and have more promotional value; thirdly, they can be used Containers of various shapes, including square, triangular, oval, etc. In addition, there is no pressure in the container before use, and the material requirements for the container are relatively large.



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